Borewell Ropes

Safety rope connects to the submersible pump and secures directly to the well head. The safety ropes main function is to prevent any pipe separation which could result in the pump being lost at the bottom of the well. Safety rope can also be a back up to enable the installer to pull the pump from the well just in case the riser pipe fails or the connection gets separated. It is recommended that every pump should have safety rope secured to the well head before hanging it in the well. <b>Manufacturer of Borewell Submersible Rope - Submersible Safety Rope offered by Swastik Ropes Industries From Bhavnagar, Gujarat(India)</b>

When selecting what rope you require, you should keep in mind the weight of the pump, piping and wire. The safety rope should be large enough to support the weight of the equipment. If you are using galvanized pipe instead of poly pipe, you will need to take into factor that your rope will need to be able to hold the extra weight.

  • Flexible with controlled elongation.
  • Unaffected by Acids and Alkalies.
  • Available in 500 mtrs coil.
  • Highly durable and breaking strength.
  • Sizes: 8.00 mm to 24.00 mm.
  • Available in 500 mtrs coils with ISO/ Metre marking.

  • 4 mm To 8 mm = +/-10%
  • 10 mm To 14 mm = +/-8%
  • 16 mm & Above = +/-5%

8mm to 24 mm
Yellow,White and Green are all available with or without a tracer (Any other available on request.)
Single and double twisting both are available
Meter Making & Non MeterMaking as per customer requirement
These ropes are available in 500/1000 meter (Long lengths am available on request.)
Product specification
Size Dia Wt/Coil of 500 mtr Breaking Strength in Kgs
mm mtr kgf
8 15 1350
10 22.7 2050
12 33 13500
14 45.4 4100
16 58 4800
18 73.9 6100
20 90.9 7600
22 110.2 9300
24 130.2 10500