Fishing Ropes

  Fishing Ropes Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter From Gujarat(India)   Fishing Ropes Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter From Gujarat(India)


A quality rope to give you surety for Safety and Durability.

Commercial fishing has existed as an important industry throughout the global economy and for it to begin, in the first place, it must have the right pieces of equipment – the net, to be precise, which is required to catch fish. The nets are meshes formed by knitting thin pieces of thread together and the thread is nylon material. Having understood the need of our customers, we have customized our ropes to the point that they can also be utilized to make quality nets by means of our bulk polypropylene rope. Since we are a leading <b>Indian Rope Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter of Fishing Ropes From Bhavnagar, Gujarat(India),</b> we have been successful in delivering the needs of the people. Also, the straps available at Marshal Polymers will help your boat fenders and bumpers to stay intact at all points of time. They will also be a helping hand in preventing the naval vessels from colliding against each other. In addition to this, the fenders are going to serve as an aid in decreasing the kinetic energy of the ship.

The fenders and nets have one thing in common and that is the polypropylene material. It is going to be water resistant; thus, helping you not lose the catch you have just administered. The rope has been designed to sustain a long life. The strength of the material is high allowing the attribute of durability to come into the picture. On the other hand, it is also abrasion and UV resistant and is light in weight, decreasing the effort you would otherwise have to take. The PP rope can be made use of in crab ropes, longlines, gillnet, cork, lead line and so on but the quality is guaranteed to not deteriorate.

  • Heavy duty rope
  • Extra tensile
  • Minimum elongation
  • Extra strong and long life
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Torque free and balanced construction
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Chemically inert
  • Excellent shape and original weight retention
  • Excellent shock absorption capacity, Low snap-back
  • Excellent shock absorption capacity, Low snap-back
  • Excellent shock absorption capacity, Low snap-back
  • Excellent shock absorption capacity, Low snap-back
  • Less tug joining time
  • Higher strength compared to Nylon
  • No loss of breaking strength in wet conditions
  • Retains flexibility even after prolonged use
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent strength
  • Flexible, easy to handle and splice in use
  • Ideal for auto winches and drums
  • Non-rotating, torque-free round construction
  • Fully UV stabilized with medium to low elongation in use
  • Protected spliced eyes at each end
  • Tremendous range of uses
  • Wet strength equal to dry strength

  • 4 mm To 8 mm = +/-10%
  • 10 mm To 14 mm = +/-8%
  • 16 mm & Above = +/-5%
  • 16 mm & Above = +/-5%
  • 4mm to 40 mm
    Yellow,White and Green are all available with or without a tracer (Any other available on request.)
    Single and double twisting both are available
    Meter Making & Non MeterMaking as per customer requirement
    These ropes are available in 110/220/330/500/1000 meter (Long lengths am available on request.)
    Size Dia Wt/Coil of 220 mtr Breaking Strength in Kgs
    mm kgs kgf
    4 1.63 240
    6 3.6 600
    8 6.6 1060
    10 10 1560
    12 14.5 2210
    14 20 3050
    16 25.5 3770
    18 32.5 4810
    20 40 5800
    22 48.5 6960
    24 57 8130
    26 67 9410
    28 78 10700
    30 90 12220
    32 101 13500
    36 129 16930
    40 158 20500